It seems that there is nothing that this duo cannot bring into fruition with their own unique style and passion.”

— Secret Sounds

Latest News

We're back! 

Back home in Staffordshire and revelling in lovely memories of Scotland, Yorkshire and Tyne & Wear, Ducks! We can't thank those club and festival organisers enough who have 'taken a plunge' with us Scottish Ducksand enabled us to do our very first Scotland tour! Thank you to the beautiful audiences who came and confirmed these organisers they have done the right thing! ☺️ Well, we'll be back in Yorkshire in June and in Scotland in August and November 2020!

Auf Wiedersehen soon, me Ducks!

Next stop in November: Ormskirk! Find all our upcoming shows under 'Tour' and follow our very latest adventures here!

Latest Videos

"Auf Wiedersehen, Me Duck" 

was written for the 2019 folk festival season as our show closer. Here it is, brand-new, recorded at The Narrowboat Sessions:

Latest Album: The Whole Charade

With this new album it was our aim to present a mixture of our own compositions together with a number of folk favourites. Working with producer Scott Ralph we ‘dipped our toes’ into the world of music production whilst at the same time retaining the essence and simplicity of our live performances. This, we believe we have achieved and we are very excited to introduce this album. Read reviews here!


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