This Anglo-German duo build bridges between the countries with their own beautifully written songs and folk favourites.”

About Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

“With two grand voices – individually and in harmony” (Folker-German Folk Magazine), the Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer offer a versatile miscellany of self-penned and imaginatively arranged songs, delivered with guitar, woodwind instrumentation and occasional percussion.

“I’ve never seen our audience so spellbound!” (Malc Gurnham, Bedworth Folk Club)

So, what is it that makes this internationally touring pair so irresistible? Whilst Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer are acclaimed for their image provoking songwriting, expressive vocals and authentic musicianship, they are frequently recalled for their warmth, humour and their remarkable ability to engage with their audience. Karen’s natural theatricality and life affirming playful energy compliment charmingly with Paul’s calm geniality and combined they magically turn a great performance into a real event.

The duo has toured its shows extensively in most corners of the UK including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but also in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Ireland, wooing audiences with Karen’s southern German accent tinged with an ‘oatcake induced’ North Staffordshire dialect from Paul’s heritage.

The pandemic has seen them focusing their attention on writing and developing their online presence. Their live stream ‘Afternoon Tea with Paul & Karen’ is now in excess of 100 shows and still attracts a dedicated international following. The new album ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Me Duck’ has been released in May 2022 and received glowing reviews in folk magazines around the UK and Europe. (Read he reviews here!)

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The Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer hails from Staffordshire, although Karen is originally from Stuttgart, Germany. The rumour goes that it was there Paul ‘discovered’ her busking in a city centre park and invited her to perform in England. The two of them have now been playing music together since 2012.

In the last five years they have spread their wings very successfully into the British and European folk and festival scene and perform now mainly in Theatres, Village Halls, Folk Clubs and of course at Festivals throughout the UK. Festival appearances in the UK include Edinburgh Festivals Fringe, Beardy Folk Festival, Great British Folk Festival, Celtic Connections (DKOS), Acoustic Festival of Britain and many more (please click here for past events). In addition they tour annually in southern Ireland and Germany - and in 2019 they embarked on their first tour of New Zealand and Western Australia.

Their albums ‘One by One’ (2013), ‘Marble Town’ (2015), ‘The Whole Charade’ (2018) and 'Auf Wiedersehen, Me Duck' (2022) have received glowing reviews in folk and music industry magazines (e.g. Acoustic Magazine, Folk & Honey, Folk London, Folk North West, The Living Tradition, Tykes Stirrings, Folker, Folk Monthly, Irish Music Magazine, Maverick). Especially the two lastest albums  have been enjoying considerable airplay in Europe, the U.S and Australia.

Download 'About Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer' here: Press Kit.

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