This Anglo-German duo build bridges between the countries with their own beautifully written songs and folk favourites.”

Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

So, what is it that makes this internationally touring duo so irresistible? Could it be Karen’s German accent tinged with an oatcake-induced North Staffordshire dialect? Or Paul’s besotted gaze whenever she takes to the microphone? Or is it simply the exquisitely performed music and the happy, warm feeling everyone seems to get at their shows…

With their unique onstage-chemistry and their widely praised harmonies, the Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer entertain and engage their audiences “in a very likable, humorous style”. Combining their own beautifully written songs with a fine choice of folk favourites, Paul’s vocal and individual guitar style blended with Karen’s voice, clear and yet so powerful, leaves audiences mesmerised:

“I have never seen our audience so spellbound!” exclaimed a promoter recently. Karen adds with alto and tenor recorders, Irish flute and whistle - and not to mention the odd German ‘joke’ - to this fantastically entertaining night.

A memorable evening of great music and fun awaits. Definitely a night not to be missed!

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The Anglo-German duo Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer hails from Staffordshire, although Karen is originally from Stuttgart, Germany, where Paul ‘discovered’ her busking in a city centre park. He invited her to perform in England and the two of them have now been playing music together since 2012. In the last three years they have spread their wings very successfully into the British and European folk and festival scene and perform now mainly in Theatres, Village Halls, Folk Clubs and of course at Festivals throughout the UK. In addition they tour annually in southern Ireland and Germany - and  in 2019 they embarked on their first tour of New Zealand and Western Australia.

Sharing vocal duties, both have their individual styles which combine beautifully and, together with their light-hearted banter, they provide a truly memorable experience. Karen’s voice, clear and yet so powerful, leaves audiences mesmerised: “They are still in existence, ‘lucky bags’, the discoveries of precious pearls in the music scene.” She adds to Paul’s vocal and individual guitar style with alto and tenor recorders, Irish flute and whistle - and not to mention with the odd German ‘joke’… Together they create a “fantastically entertaining” show.

Together with their own beautifully written songs which have begun to gain well-deserved attention, they present unique interpretations of classics from folk icons such as Richard Thompson, Dougie MacLean, Jimmy MacCarthy or Christy Moore. Altogether, “songs with groove and goosebumps guaranteed”, as the Stuttgart press put it recently.

Their albums ‘One by One’ (2013), ‘Marble Town’ (2015) and ‘The Whole Charade’ (2018) have received glowing reviews in folk and music industry magazines (e.g. Acoustic Magazine, Folk North West, The Living Tradition, Stirrings Magazine, Folker, Folk Monthly). Especially the latest album ‘The Whole Charade’ has also been enjoying considerable airplay in Europe, the U.S and Australia.

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The Press about Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer

  • “They are still in existence, ‘lucky bags’, the discoveries of precious pearls in the music scene.” Bietigheimer Zeitung (German newspaper)
  • “It seems that there is nothing that this duo cannot bring into fruition with their own unique style and passion.” Secret Sounds (website)
  • “An Englishman and a German prove impressively how much fine music flies under the well-informed radar. With two grand voices - individually and together..." Folker (German Folk Magazine)
  • “WOW! Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer did not disappoint, they gave us 110%, keeping us entertained with wonderful songs and great harmonies. They left us calling for more, and well deserved the standing ovation they received at the end. Look forward to their next visit” Brewood Acoustic Music Club (facebook page)
  • “The truly exceptional voice of Karen Pfeiffer who offers a width from tender-melancholic to rocky-powerful.” Sachsenheimer Zeitung (German newspaper)
  • “Great Show!” (Graham Norton)

Fan's Voices

  • Only came across you by chance. Each song beautifully sung and interpreted and great personal chemistry between you. Tim - Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford, UK
  • What a fantastic night at Broughton Village Hall. Broughton Rocks !! Ian - Wetwood, UK
  • Loved your pick of songs, and the way your voices blend you make a great Sound. Nigel - Willenhall Folk Club, UK
  • 'A wonderful experience. Music to make you feel happy, music to make you reflect, you can't help but enjoy their wonderful on-stage magical, musical chemistry.' Chris Irving, Birmingham, UK
  • 'Having had a fantastically entertaining night, listened to some astonishingly beautiful music and good sing-along on the way, I will be watching out for more from Paul and Karen.' Lisa, Stone, UK
  • Karen has a voice like Symtex in Syrup, so sweet and yet so explosive! Neil, Burton-on-Trent
  • Thank you sooo much for this wunderful evening with you in Markgröningen, yesterday evening! You were just great!! And I am again and again surprised how you both intensify your voices and your act in combination! And especially this makes me feeling a wunderful flowing from heart to heart. Thank you Karen & Paul Iris - Flohberghaus Markgröningen, Germany
  • I could listen to you over again. Fantastic voices, lovely songs. You managed to tell a story through every song whether it was your own or not. Aileen Lang - Hales Club, UK
  • What a treat of an evening! Philippa and Keith, Market Drayton, UK
  • …We LOVED your singing - what a great night! Karen you sang the most beautiful version of Christy Moore's song - Ride On… We can't wait to hear it again. Looking forward to seeing you both again in Ahakista next year. Fiona and Mark – Ahakista, Ireland
  • Thank you so much for your live performance. Now I'm back in Brittany and listening to your CD reminds me of the good time we had with the Rara Avis and the White Dolphin french crews… Julien - Brittany, France

Stone Gazette November 2018